WeatherBond PRO PVC Adhesives and Sealants

WeatherBond PRO PVC Bonding Adhesive is a high strength solvent-based contact adhesive that allows bonding of WeatherBond PRO PVC membrane to various porous and non-porous substrates. Coverage Rate:  60 square feet/gallon
Low VOC PVC Bonding Adhesive is a high-strength, solvent-based contact adhesive that is specially formulated using a blend of VOC exempt and non-exempt solvents to be in compliance VOC regulations.  Coverage Rate:  60 square feet/gallon
PVC Membrane Cleaner is designed for one-step cleaning and PVC membrane surfaces that have been exposed to the elements.  Coverage Rate:  400 square feet/gallon 
PVC Clear Cut Edge Sealant is a free flowing polymeric material designed for sealing cut edges (exposed fabric) of WeatherBond PRO PVC membrane.  Coverage Rate:  225' to 275' per bottle (1/8" bead)
AquaBase 120 Adhesive is a unique, semi pressure-sensitive water-based bonding adhesive for WeatherBond membranes offering superior peel strengths without V.O.C.'s or strong odors. The coverage rate is 120 sq.ft. per gallon.
Thermoplastic One Part Sealant is a single component moisture curing, elastomeric polyether sealant that is compatible with WeatherBond PRO PVC membrane. The material is designed to provide a flexible, durable and long lasting seal around hard to-flash penetrations in Thermoplastic Roofing Systems.  Coverage Rate:  122 cubic inches per .5 gallon pouch
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